Creative Web Design that Converts

Creative Web Design that Converts

Welcome to the first official episode of The Kreeative Minds Podcast with your host Terrel from Kreeative Designs.

Today we talked about how having a Creative Web Design leads to more conversations, growth, and sales over time.

Before getting too ahead of ourselves, however, we first need to understand why Creative Web Design Matters in general. It’s overall implications, and how all this affects your bottom line.

Why Creative Web Design Matters

Just like with anything in life, we all desire to be a part of something special and different.

So, of course, your potential followers are looking for that same feeling of being special when searching for your services or product.

Whether it be music or the service industry, the number one priority when creating any website is the capture the customer’s attention.

If failing to do so, then all credibility goes out the window, no matter how good your business or offerings may be.

No different from a physical appearance at an interview, your websites initial impression will either lead to a new interest or wasted traffic.

I don’t know about you, but that’s not something I’m will take a chance on, nor should you for that matter.

What Creative Web Design Brings

We all must understand that the difference between the best and those at the bottom of anything being done in life all boils down to strategy.

This means having an angle, pitch, story, or even just plan of attack is critical for gaining the type of attention any real website warrants.

Doing so not only provides conversions though, it creates a sense of authority at the start.

Intern making any further changes you and that visitor have just that bit smoother, even possibly leading to being a customer.

So it’s highly important that these aspects be taken seriously. As overlooking them could not only hurt conversions but kill them altogether.

How to Maximize Conversions

Alright; Now that we have all the fluff out the way, let’s get into the meat of things.

There are 5 key factors that we at Kreeative Designs always ensure our customers are provided.

They have been tested time and time again over the last 5 years and have not only kept things simple but providing results.

The first factor boils down conversions. Everything else comes second.

This simply must be the case for any website being created looking to make money online for their business or personal ventures.

Doing so can be fairly easy as well, it’s simply about making sure your potential customers have numerous ways to contact you.

For example:

A Law firm may need a contact form embedded directly on their website home page because they know that anyone searching for them is most likely A: In a Hurry
B: Little on Time

So doing something as simple as adding that contact form to the top left of that page before any other content may lead to 30% more conversions or more.

Whereas not doing so would not be the end of the world, but definitely wouldn’t have the same impact that customer would be looking for.

Factor two is all about coloring.

That’s right, just like back in kindergarten it’s time to go Crayola on everything.

And by this, I simply mean making sure that the coloring scheme you choose for your website is also the same scheme you are willing to use for all other business graphic art or design.

Things such as business cards, logo’s, banners for paid add searches; All need to be within this coloring scheme to ensure brand awareness and authority.

A few variations can be done here and there of course. But looking back on the greats like Coca-Cola and Apple, they never really changed much branding wise did they?

Our third factor can only be summed up in a few words. Consistency!

Being consistent throughout your entire design from start to finish will lead to so much more success in the long run, and less work you have to commit to later on in the process.

I learned this early on with many other businesses I created until the results spoke for themselves one day.

Bottom line is we highly encourage you do not have a million different colors and shapes within your websites UI and overly design language.

Not only will it distract visitors from the content and message being conveyed, but it will also in some ways annoy them from eye discomfort.

Number 4 has to do with the length of the content being presented.

Such as how much wording a home page has versus an about us page.

Of course, there will always be pages that require massive amounts of text like privacy policy’s and terms and conditions, but not all pages have to be so large in scale to what’s being offered.

The home page, for example, shouldn’t be 7,000 words long because no one would make it through to the end.

This is because you are looking to catch there attention as soon as possible and then admittedly commit an action.

Meanwhile, for pages like a blog post, you are looking to have the best combination of length and quality you can get.

Finally; Number 5!

This one is just a repeat of something I said before but really needs to be said again. And if you miss this one it really won’t matter if you do the other 4.

That is; Looking ahead before starting anything else!

As mentioned before, this step is crucial to any long term success for a website being created.

If not incorporating the main 5 factors of creative web design, while also catering to what your creative or product audience requires, then all your effort will have gone to waste.

What I’m saying here is you must take some time and do your research!

Find out what’s working and not working in your industry or sector.

See who’s winning, what they’re doing differently, and how you can implement that yourself.

If not being able to do the exact same, what can be done to still separate you from the rest in a meaningful way?

An that really all too it!

An for those of you listening that may need some help having yours created, head to Kreeative Designs and schedule your free consultation with us today!