Who Are We?

Terrel is the Founder of Kreeative Designs. A dream of his since he first started with Web Design and Internet Marketing over 10 years ago. His goal is simple; To provide creators and small business owners a simple yet affordable way to get their ideas online.

Couple that with the canny ability to market (Social Media, Email Marketing, Paid Search, Adverts), he has not only found a way to provide such services but has grown to show how as well!

Along with his daughter Mya (seen in left picture), they hope to help grow your online following and business through the tried & true process. Rest assure all services provided are completely safe in Google’s Best Practices, an will never result in your online property being at risk.

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Who Are We

Our Philosophy

Make creative work easier for the creatives doing the work. While also supporting the business aspects that come along with growing any online business and successful following. All while providing that service for a low competitive and affordable price.

Our Vision

Simple. Make other's vision of their creative and business work come to life. That way, others can share in the same joy for that brand and/or services being offered. We are just as passionate about your success as we are our very own.

Our Policy

Ensure that all services provided are completed on time, NO EXCEPTIONS. That means once we have agreed to provide a solution for our customers, we are committed to seeing it through to the end no matter how long that may take.

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